Tinting and Perm
Full Set Refill (3 wks) Refill (4 wks)
Natural Set (Approx. 60 lashes per eye)
   Master Stylist $145 $60 $70
   Lash Stylist $125 $50 $60
Glamour Set (Approx. 80 lashes per eye)
   Master Stylist $175 $70 $80
   Lash Stylist $150 $60 $70
Dramatic Set (100+ lashes per eye)
   Master Stylist $200 $80 $90
   Lash Stylist $175 $70 $80

Please note that we don't do refills for lashes performed by other salons.

Eyelash Extension in San Jose

Eyelashes $25
Eyebrows $15
Eyelashes and Eyebrows $38
Eyelash Perm $45
Eyelash Extensions

four seasons skin care and spa in San Jose

Novalash is the most trusted brand in eyelash extensions.

Our Master Stylist is one of only two Novalash Advanced Certified Lash Stylists in all of the South Bay area and has over 10 years of experience in eyelash extensions.
Other  Eyelash  Services
   Bottom Lash $45
   Add-on Color $10
   Add Candy Lash $15
   Lash Removal (No charge with new set) $30
   Fix Lash From Other Salons Varies

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